is a rose – A Performative Installation in the Context of Art and Technology
The advancing technology allows new forms of contemporary art expressions which, however, require a large set of skills to be developed and therefore involve a team with diverse backgrounds. In this paper, we present implementation details and the artistic background of the art piece is a rose that was developed and exhibited in 2019. Based on this example and our previous experience of work on different art applications, we provide an insight into the interdisciplinary work between artists and developers.
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Moving Digits – Augmented Dance for Engaged Audience
After 2 years of workshops, residencies, performances, exhibitions and talks, the EU project Moving Digits came to an end, leaving behind numerous valuable traces of interdisciplinary collaboration between dancers, choreographers, technicians and designers. The project aimed at their empowerment with further tools for expression, archival and analysis, and in terms of audience, at enhancing its understanding and engagement in contemporary dance performances and allowing to experience dance in an augmented way.
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is a rose
The work ‘is a rose’ was created by artist Charlotte Triebus in cooperation with the Mirevi Lab and is deals with the interspecies communication between a romantic surveillance state and the actor-network theory. It addresses topics such as agency of animate and inanimate objects and the possibly overcome dichotomy of nature and technology, thereby revealing an equality of agents in a performative framework. Can we concede that each of these agents is capable of a behavior coming close to action?
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The Body and the Other
The project aims at developing a contemporary dance performance complemented with a digital layer that dialogues with the dancers.
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Exhibition Design
In this field, everything revolves around conceptional work, project management and exhibition design. All projects aim at complementing existing exhibitions by means of the diverse and innovative possibilities offered by modern technologies such as augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) or project mapping. For this purpose, digital installations that enhance the present experience are developed.
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Public Brewing
Public Brewing is an interactive media facade for the entertaining, informative and at the same time technically correct explanation of the brewing process of old beer. In 2014 the project was developed to the football world championship in cooperation with the house brewery of 'Uerige' and performed during 3 weeks with the facade of the house brewery in the Old Town of Dusseldorf.
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Victory Pillar
The Victory Pillar application is an augmented reality (AR) application, developed with the Microsoft Hololens(1). Pictures of graduated students get augmented with additional Information about the student and her or his thesis. An important goal of this application was to unite the virtual content with reality.
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Günter Grass App
G:RASS is a mobile app for the Günter Grass Gallery in Gdansk. In his „Danzig Trilogy“ the Nobel Prize winner Günter Grass describes places of his hometown, how they used to be in the beginning of the 20th century. With the G:RASS-app the city gets surrounded by this passages. Using the augmented-reality-app, you can explore Gdansk from his point of view.

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