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persona fractalis II
Die immersive Medieninstallation personal fractalis II (pf.2) lädt die Besucher:innen dazu ein, sich in eine immersive generierte Welt aus Fraktalen ziehen zu lassen – die Benutzer:in exploriert frei in dieser utopischen Umgebung oder begibt sich auf den Weg einer durch Autor:in und künstlicher Intelligenz kuratierten Entdeckungsreise.
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CARUSO – The Virtual Tenor
Have you ever dreamed of singing on an opera stage? With this project, we want to enable everyone to do just that - even without any vocal experience.
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AR Sound Sandbox
In this project we introduce a novel interface combining spatial and tangible interaction for creating audio-visual effects in a natural and engaging way. We demonstrate the setup by an artistic installation for creating ambient sound scapes that are controlled by a Lattice Boltzmann based particle simulation running through a deformable landscape.
AR Sound Sandbox: A playful interface for musical and artistic expression
In this paper we introduce a novel interface combining spatial and continuous tangible interaction for creating and manipulating audio-visual effects. Our goal is to provide a ready-to-use, “hands-on” interface that does not need protracted explanation to the user, yet provides possibilities for expression.

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