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PraktikApp goes IFA
We are proud to announce that our project PraktikApp will take part at this year’s IFA NEXT from the 02.09 to 06.09 in Berlin.
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Further Perlenkette
This application supports integrative networks of neighbors with different age-, skill- and cultural backgrounds. It focuses on people to receive help and support or simply connect socially and give support to others that are long-lasting and engage people actively in the community after retirement
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The performance and security in outdoor climbing sports can depend on anxieties. These appear in frightening situations where, e.g. a deep fall is risked. Deep falls can lead to serious injuries or even to fatal accidents. Such situations can be trained in order to be mentally resistant to them and to make climbing safer.
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In this student project we explored 3D-full-body interaction in virtual environments using a head-mounted display and a trampoline in a game-like application.
Dynamic Movement Monitoring - Algorithms for Real Time Exercise Movement Feedback
Following to an implantation of an artificial knee joint, patients have to perform rehabilitation exercises at home. The motivation to exercise can be low and if the exercises are not executed, an extended rehabilitation time or a follow-up operation is possibly required. Moreover, incorrect exercise executions over a long period can lead to injuries. Therefore, we present two Programming by Demonstration (PbD) algorithms, a Nearest-Neighbour (NN) model and the Alpha Algorithm (AlpAl), for measuring the quality of exercise executions, which can be used in order to give feedback in exergames.

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