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GINA – Robot Design Fiction Workshop
We developed four different visions of a world with robots in the year 2045. Which stakeholders will be involved in this future world? What kind of different emotions, reactions, opinions and experiences might emerge? What are the societal consequences – positive or negative – or conflicts that might arise?
Iterative Prototyping of a Cut for a Finger Tracking Glove
The perception of the movement of the own fingers is important in VR. Also the sense of touch of the hands provide crucial information about an object that is touched. This is especially noticeable when climbing in VR. While prototyping a VR climbing application, we developed the finger tracking glove g 1. Glove g 1 enables the perception of the finger movements but limits the sense of touch of the hand.
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In this project, we aimed at finding out whether ”hackathons‟, collaborative events for developing software in a comparatively short amount of time, can be an effective tool for creating innovative prototypes.
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Victory Pillar
The Victory Pillar application is an augmented reality (AR) application, developed with the Microsoft Hololens(1). Pictures of graduated students get augmented with additional Information about the student and her or his thesis. An important goal of this application was to unite the virtual content with reality.

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