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Award for the WDR Climate App
Good news from the classroom! The WDR climate app recently won silver at the Deutscher Digital Award. This award not only confirms the thematic relevance of the app, but also the innovative implementation using augmented reality technology, which impressed the jury.
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WDR Klima App
Climate change is ubiquitous, the summer of 2022 is at its driest and in recent years each new low was seamlessly followed by the next one. Therefore, it is crucial to give more weight to the topic of climate change in education. To encourage this, we developed the WDR Klima App, which creates an immersive AR experience for students and can be downloaded via the app store.
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In this project, we aimed at finding out whether ”hackathons‟, collaborative events for developing software in a comparatively short amount of time, can be an effective tool for creating innovative prototypes.
War Children: Using AR in a Documentary Context
The goal of the project “War Children” is to tell stories of survivors of the SecondWorldWar by means of augmented reality. We want to make memories persistent, accessible and comprehensible to users that do not yet have access to these memories, e. g. , digital natives. The application of immersive technologies provides us with new ways to tell stories about the past in an empathic way by augmenting the narration with audio-visual assets.
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Kriegskinder - "War Children"
The goal of the project "War Children" is to tell stories of survivors of the second world war by means of augmented reality.

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