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Digital Foyer
The Deutsche Oper am Rhein and the FFT Düsseldorf were guests at the MIREVI lab of the HSD. With both cultural partners we develop new digital concepts and fundamentals of collaboration. As part of the city’s public life, our goal is to carry on joint research focusing on digital transformation and innovative switching technology. The digital foyer is designed to serve as an interface between house and visitors as well as between institution and city. A digital room that extends the theatre and the opera. A gathering place. A window to the city.
MotionHub: Middleware for Unification of Multiple Body Tracking Systems
There is a substantial number of body tracking systems (BTS), which cover a wide variety of different technology, quality and price range for character animation, dancing or gaming. To the disadvantage of developers and artists, almost every BTS streams out different protocols and tracking data. Not only do they vary in terms of scale and offset, but also their skeletal data differs in rotational offsets between joints and in the overall number of bones
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MireviMotionHub is a middleware for multiple body tracking systems and it unifies them in a single plug-in for the Unity game engine.
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Magic AR
For this project, we collaborated with Simon Pierro who is known as the “iPad magician”. During his performances, he combines the possibilities of digitization with magic tricks. Together we discussed how people might be able to enjoy his magic at home in a more immersive and exciting way than merely watching a video.
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Innovation Suitcase
Since the number of research projects we have worked on in the past and are currently working on is ever-growing, we want to develop a versatile and high-quality presentation tool based on new technologies. The Innovation Suitcase will be especially useful due to its mobility that enables us to present our projects everywhere, for instance at exhibitions. Another key feature will be the various kinds of media available to do the several projects justice.

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