But how can a room that does not yet know itself be constituted? We addressed this question during a two-day workshop, in which we focused on the development process. We worked on a prototypical format enabling us to include the participants’ various kinds of expertise, to exchange interdisciplinary knowledge, to display diverse perspectives, and to generate levels of reflection.

This interdisciplinary exchange aimed at triggering thought processes and at overcoming stereotypical standards. The workshop was designed to offer a negotiation room to exchange expertise and to establish a shared vocabulary. Over the course of two days, small work groups developed utopias and prototypes to initiate development processes.

What kind of images do we have in mind when we are thinking about the digital foyer? What functions does this new room have? Who meets there and how do they meet? These initial questions led to novel approaches. The participants negotiated their ideas, positioned themselves, searched for connections and developed new rooms together.