Since we are part of the media department at the University of Applied Sciences Düsseldorf (HSD), research is one of the most important aspects of our work. Mixed reality technology is a rather young field of research and is constantly extending and changing, which is why there is a great number of intriguing topics to explore and questions to ask. Here we collect and present a selection of our recent and previous scientific publications.

September 2020
Marcel Tiator
Smart Object Segmentation to Enhance the Creation of Interactive Environments
September 2020
Philipp Ladwig, Alexander Pech, Christian Geiger
Towards Face-to-Face Telepresence Applications in Virtual Reality with Generative Neural Nets
Three-dimensional capture of faces with personal expressions for facial reconstruction under a head-mounted display.
July 2020
Philipp Ladwig, Kester Evers, Eric J. Jansen, Ben Fischer, David Nowottnik, Christian Geiger
MotionHub: Middleware for Unification of Multiple Body Tracking Systems
July 2020
Marcel Tiator, Christian Geiger, Paul Grimm
Point Cloud Segmentation: Solving a Perceptual Grouping Task with Deep Reinforcement Learning
April 2020
Marcel Tiator, Christian Geiger, and Paul Grimm
Point Cloud Segmentation with Deep Reinforcement Learning
September 2019
Eva Hanak, Anna-Maria Heuer, Ben Fischer, Marcel Tiator
Iterative Prototyping of a Cut for a Finger Tracking Glove
September 2019
Philipp Ladwig, Bastian Dewitz, Hendrik Preu, and Mitja Säger
Remote Guidance for Machine Maintenance Supported by Physical LEDs and Virtual Reality
September 2019
Philipp Ladwig, and Christian Geiger
The Effects on Presence of Personalized and Generic Avatar Faces
October 2018
Chris Zimmer, Nanette Ratz, Michael Bertram, and Christian Geiger
War Children: Using AR in a Documentary Context
October 2018
Bastian Dewitz, Philipp Ladwig, Christian Geiger, and Frank Steinicke
Classification of Beyond-Natural Interaction Techniques in Spatial Human-Computer Interaction (Poster)
October 2018
Alexander Giesbrecht, Sarah von Styp Rekowski, Bastian Dewitz, and Christian Geiger
Examining effects of altered gravity direction in Room-Scale VR
September 2018
Jochen Feitsch, and Christian Geiger
The Expanded Body - Ergebnisse einer tänzerisch-künstlerischen Intervention
September 2018
Laurin Gerhardt, Marcel Tiator, Mitja Säger, and Christian Geiger
Walking on Sunshine – Dynamische Wetterparameter in Outdoor VR
July 2018
Marcel Tiator, Christian Geiger, Bastian Dewitz, Ben Fischer and David Nowottnik
Venga!: Climbing in Mixed Reality
March 2018
Marcel Tiator, Ben Fischer, Laurin Gerhardt, David Nowottnik, Hendrik Preu, Christian Geiger

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