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Examining effects of altered gravity direction in Room-Scale VR
In this paper, we present the development and results of an experiment in which virtual environments (VE) with altered gravity direction are traversed by real walking. We found similarities to redirected walking and pursued the goal to identify thresholds for the extent in which shifted gravity can be applied in room-scale walking scenarios in VEs. From the results of our experiment, we give a first estimation for possible thresholds for this sort of application.
Walking on Sunshine – Dynamische Wetterparameter in Outdoor VR
Die Nutzererfahrung einer VR-Applikation, die eine Outdoor Virtual Environment (OVE) enthält, hängt von Kriterien wie der Präsenz während der Interaktion ab. Interagiert man mit einer OVE in einem geschlossenen Raum, können Wetterparameter nur simuliert werden. Die Immersion des Systems wird jedoch erhöht, wenn der Nutzer die Anwendung im Freien erlebt, und die natürlichen Gegebenheiten der realen Umgebung in die virtuelle Nutzererfahrung übertragen werden.
Venga!: Climbing in Mixed Reality
Scary climbing situations can appear when climbing on big walls. Some stones may be slippery due to humidity or smoothness and distances between belaying bolts can be large whereby a deep fall is risked. In such situations, the stress level increases, climbing performance decreases and an ascent might even be aborted. Furthermore, hazardous accidents can happen when the concentration is disturbed by stress and fear.
The performance and security in outdoor climbing sports can dependon anxieties. These appear in frightening situations where, e.g. adeep fall is risked. Deep falls can lead to serious injuries or even tofatal accidents. Such situations can be trained in order to be mentallyresistant to them and thereby to make climbing safer.
ZeroGravity - virtual user experience in air and water
Virtually interactive on the move - as part of a bachelor project, a 3D simulation of a virtual kite flight was developed in the summer 2013. A real hangglider was modified in such a way that a realistic motion control in a virtual 3D world became possible. An additional possibility for immersion was created by different possibilities of multimodal user feedback, e.g. a vibration vest for haptic feedback as well as a scene and event controlled wind output.

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