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Towards Face-to-Face Telepresence Applications in Virtual Reality with Generative Neural Nets
Philipp Ladwig held a talk at the 17th GI VR/AR workshop about our research in the area of telepresence in virtual reality applications. The associated paper written by Philipp Ladwig and Alexander Pech under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Christian Geiger received the "Best Paper" award.
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Personalized Avatars Generated by a Neural Network for Telepresence and Mixed Reality
Skype, Facetime and similar apps have become an integral part of our everyday life. However, the digital meeting does not compare to the real, physical one. Both spatial perception and non-verbal communication are limited by the current digital channels.
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In order to be able to move 3D characters in a virtual environment, they have to be provided with a skeleton. The vertices of the mesh (of the 3D character) are connected to the joints of the skeleton. Animations can then be applied to the skeleton, which lead to deformation of the mesh or movement of the character.

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