Demis Volpi, Carmen Kovacs, Jens Breder and Lena tom Dieck from the Deutsche Oper am Rhein/Ballett am Rhein created the concept in October 2020 within the framework of a project called ‟The Digital Foyer”, which aims at finding new ways of communicating with the audience by using modern digital tools. As digital partner of the project, the MIREVI team used its expertise in mixed-reality technologies to transfer the ballet from the stage to the virtual world and bring it to the visitors of the AR Biennial at the Ehrenhof-Park in Düsseldorf.

AR-Feen Screenshot

Loosely based on ‟The Sleeping Beauty”, ballet masters Brent Parolin and Louise created seven choreographies for seven fairies: Fire, Water, Ice, Fashion, Rose, Turning and Bug. Each of these seven fairies was allocated a unique digital effect, which was incorporated into the choreographies. Coordinated by the MIREVI team, the seven dances were then filmed in front of a green screen at the Theater Duisburg. Later, the videos were edited by transferring them to augmented reality and adding visual effects.

For the Deutsche Oper am Rhein and the Ballett am Rhein, participating in the AR Biennial is an experiment. How can artists and audience meet in numerous ways? How do new technologies influence artistic work? How can operas and theaters enthuse more people with a modern ballet? And how can they go beyond classic formats by performing in the urban space?

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