Photo Credit: Stephan Jürgens

Through an interdisciplinary collaboration between Greek choreographer Eleonora Siarava (Per_Dance Choreographic Research Platform, and the MIREVI Team, the project aims at developing a contemporary dance performance complemented with a digital layer that dialogues with the dancers by using innovative mixed reality approaches such as projection mapping and motion tracking. 

The use of technology places the moving body into mixed reality topologies where dance happens at the intersection of physical embodiment and digitality. In this context the performer is seen as a moving corporeality and as mediator of the coexistence of the two-dimensional digitals and the three-dimensional space. This multiplicity of bodies – the physical body, the digital visualization of it and the hybrid in-between body opens further possibilities in terms of dramaturgy in dance.

This will be explored through an experimental scenography where the usual conditions for optimal functioning of technology will be challenged by involving surfaces and materials that distort its predictability and reveal its artistic and aesthetic potentials. This kind of approach should also challenge the illusion about the possibility to keep full control over things that is being cultivated by technology. Instead, the intention is to make present the artwork as an autonomous unpredictable and un-prescribed living entity.

Although the development of a performance that deals with technology requires a precise preparation, the creation of an absolutely pre-designed setting is here impossible as the used materials always involve an uncontrollable aspect. Following their own technology of movement, they invite for an improvised and autonomous choreographic dramaturgy to unfold and create a performance based on an interplay between tactility and constantly-slipping-away emptiness, absence and presence, with the moving body in the middle as a live corporeality and as a reminder of the deep human condition.

The project is co-funded by the NRW KULTURsekretariat, the Ministry of Culture and Science of the state of NRW and i-Portunus project/Creative Europe.


Ivana Druzetic