Portfolio & Network

R&D projects

since 2021

HIVE-Lab (Immersive digital technologies for a healthy life through movement and well-being)

project coordination, motion capturing, face tracking, VR superpowers, virtual avatars, artistic research, installations, workshops

The Hive-Lab is a research network funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research that develops immersive digital technologies for healthy living through movement and well-being. The focus is on human-technology interaction and extended realities (XR). The network operates living labs in Düsseldorf and Munich, where research and development projects are supported and VR/AR technology is integrated into users’ everyday lives. The Hive Lab offers design, ethical and social consulting services and promotes know-how transfer through public events and freely accessible publications.

visit https://hive-lab.org/

compledet 2021

GINA (High-quality designed interaction strategies for service and assistance robotics)

project coordination, VR simulations, virtual environments, photogrammetry, design fiction, artistic research, workshops, tutorials

Accompanying project of the BMBF funding series “Robots for Assistance Functions: Interaction Strategies” to generalize and deepen knowledge on the design of high-quality human-robot interaction suitable for everyday use based on the work in the eight funded projects. The project explores research questions on intention and context recognition, aesthetics and robot personality, as well as ethics, law, and design practice.

visit https://www.ginarobot.com/

completed 2020

MODI (Moving Digits)

project coordination, creative coding, motion capturing, virtual avatars, VR experiences, research, workshops

Project to improve audience understanding and engagement in contemporary dance performances. The project used visualizations to create opportunities to experience dance in an expanded way, through VR even after the performance. The project also aimed at providing dancers, choreographers and technicians with further tools for expression, archiving and analysis.

visit https://movingdigits.eu/

completed 2019

MOCCA (Motion Capture Creative Area)

junior consortium management, creative coding, voice syntheses, motion capturing, face tracking, virtual avatars, bio sensors, contemporary dance, creative health, research, workshops

Project for networking and mediation between arts and dance, human-technology interaction, virtual characters, health and medical technology. The project focused on movement-based installations, technically augmented contemporary dance performances and movement interfaces for the health sector.

One major achievement was the development of a workshop series called “the expanded body”, where contemporary artists could experiment one week with state-of-the-art technologies: https://vimeo.com/374365168/9d4841890f

Two other notable performances were developed with Choy Ka Fai:
Dance Clinic https://vimeo.com/223145436
UnBearable Darkness https://vimeo.com/276412256

completed 2017


experience design, creative coding, workshops

An Euopean Union-founded project that addresses the process of creating innovative media projects in public spaces. The project aims at constructing a structured mixed-reality framework that enables stakeholders to take part in a creative goal-driven process for developing new products.

visit https://innovationshub.de/

key projects

CARUSO – singing like a tenor

The dream of being on an opera stage and singing like a tenor. Even though you can’t sing at all. CARUSO – singing like a tenor was my Master thesis, and enables exactly that. It tracks body gestures and face to fully synthesize an artificial tenor voice.


XR outside the box

Giving a guest lecture on “XR outside the box” with my colleague Alexander Giesbrecht for the University Greenwich of London, module “Emergent Technologies” by Nuno Correi.



My entry into the world of contemporary dance. A performance that deals with the five phases of dying according to Elisabeth Kübler-Ross. The “shadows” of the dancers are artificially created and distorted by various digital effects. My part was the conception of the piece, the programming of the visual effects using shaders, and the technical setup of the IR cameras.



Stephanie Felber in cooperation with her team creates (In)Security, an interactive situation that addresses individual and collective need for security. Spaces, situations, and gestures oscillate between comfort and discomfort, arising from a dubious gap in control, surveillance and patrol, which altogether raise the question of when “security” might become threatening.


MODI performances

We created four beautiful contemporary dance pieces, several VR adaptations of these, another piece with our MODI residency artist Choy Ka Fai and more during the MODI project. Please find the projects through the links below 🙂

performances: https://movingdigits.eu/c/projects/
VR: https://movingdigits.eu/c/vr/

I Have Found Seriousness Inside Of Me

With I Have Found Seriousness Inside Of Me (2017), Charlotte Triebus presents another part of the series of performances that explore the structures of touch and transforms them into a performative installation using multimedial visualisation techniques.


MIREVI @ Next Level Festival 2017

There was a lot going on during the Next Level Festival 2017, and MIREVI was a big part of it. I co-organized our contribution and gave a presentation of my tenor.


Escape Room 2.0

We built an actual escape room at our lab! With two areas (spoiler!), four large monitors, an audio system with 6 speakers and 4 shakers, and lots of arduinos, RFID-Readers and other technological gadgets, it’s not the standard escape room from next door, but a digital enhanced version. Of course, there is also storytelling going on!


PAC-MAN façade projection

One of the student projects I supervised. What happens when students want to play PAC-MAN on the façade of a building? Well, see yourself.


Interactive wall previsualization

Experiencing a wall that reacts to you movement in VR. Mixed reality demonstration via green screen.


Symposium on “Innovations for people with dementia”

Within the research program “Nutzerwelten” on user orientation in the development of technology-supported living environments with special consideration of ambient technologies for the quality of life of people with dementia, we organised a symposium to conclude the project.