WICKIE follows an open-minded approach that allows new ideas and concepts to flourish in a shared working environment by applying user centered design approaches e.g. pareto prototyping, personas, design thinking and agile development in a structured process that contains ideation, iterative improvements in interdisciplinary teams and the deployment in the intended scenario. During the project’s runtime, selected protoyping processes and creative techniques will be transferred to the world of mixed reality and thereby allow partcipitation of external stakeholders which are spatially or temporally seperated. This structure will contribute to technological, commercial and social innovation by connecting different companies, making new markets accessible and further improving the business location of Düsseldorf and its surroundings.

As primary co-located place of work the innovationshub has been established in Düsseldorf. The three partners Hochschule Düsseldorf (Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences), LAVAlabs moving images and tennagels Medientechnik contribute their complementary expertisess and different backgrounds to form a broadly set up think tank that addresses necessary requirements from different perspectives. LAVAlabs has an extensive background in digital media and visual effects production and creative conception using 3D technology. tennagles develops and manufactures costum media installations for national and international fairs and stationary media systems. Hochschule Düsseldorf provides expertise in realtime 3D and mixed reality as well as research methodes and insight in current media technology.


Since winter 2015 the innovationshub has been operating in Düsseldorf. During the project’s runtime the hub devloped from a small interal workplaces to a shared enviroment for cooperation with project partners and external associates. The hub currently provides five conference rooms, a workshop for electronics and prototyping, two motion capture studios, a coffee bar and 500 square meters of project workspace. Interested cooperation partners from germany and even some from the U.S. and Asia visit our work space regulary, get insipred by the innovative atmosphere and contribute to the idea of WICKIE with their visit.

Innovationstag – innovations day

In a yearly event, the innovation day, we open our doors to connect people from different areas and technological backgrounds. We present the concept of Wickie and explore new promising fields with talks, panels and exhibitions with developments from the innovationhub and external partners, eg. virtual and augmented reality, cognitive computing and machine learning, 360°-video production and latest trends and oppertunities with modern technology. In 2016 – the first innovations day – we welcomed over 300 guests and in 2017 more than 400. The next innovations day will be held in October 2018.

Further details

Innovationshub (german): http://www.innovationshub.de
Hochschule Düsseldorf: http://www.hs-duesseldorf.de
LAVAlabs moving images: http://www.lavalabs.de/
tennagels Medientechnik (german): http://www.tennagels.com/