Our Team


Administration and Design
Heike Baudach
Mixed Reality and Visualisation
Prof. Dr. Christian Geiger
Digital Health
Prof. Dr. Alina Huldtgren
Joel Nordt
Administration and Development
Mitja Säger
Audiovisual Design
Prof. Anja Vormann


Mixed Reality and Development
Fabian Büntig
Art and Culture
Ivana Druzetic-Vogel
Audio and Augmented Performances
Jochen Feitsch
Motion Capture and Virtual Reality
Ben Fischer
Virtual Reality
Alexander Giesbrecht
Communication Design
Patrick Kruse
Artificial Intelligence and Mixed Reality
Philipp Ladwig
Exhibition Design
Tina Malburg
Laura Oldörp
Augmented Reality
Nanette Ratz
Artificial Intelligence and Sensor Fusion
Marcel Tiator
Art and Culture
Charlotte Triebus
Augmented and Virtual Reality
Christoph Vogel
Mixed Reality and Development
Marvin Voß


Michael Bertram
Paul Kretschel