Rich data at the right time, in the right quality, available to everyone at every location. 5 factors that are of enormous importance for the digitalisation of the construction industry, but which cannot be implemented with the current transmission options. Today, digital 3D planning models are used throughout building and urban planning and supplemented with quantities, qualities and processes (BIM). Those involved in planning work together on virtual prototypes of buildings, optimising workflow and communication. These enormous advantages are not applied to the construction and operation of buildings. Quite the opposite: the complex 3D building models developed are reduced to 2D plans. A comparison of digital prototypes and reality does not take place. The possibilities of modern Mixed Reality – capable end devices are not used.

VISION.5G will provide complex digital 3D building models for the construction industry on a mobile basis using Mixed Reality (MR) technologies. Thus, 5G research and development is the focus of the project. VISION.5G visualises planning in direct alignment with reality via MR methods and real-time rendering. On-site real-time interaction and collaboration is only possible on the basis of latency-free data platforms and data transmission, which are directly available in the project through the project partner FIT and form the basis of R&D development. VISION.5G is the consistent further development of digitalisation in planning and execution. 3D building models are also made available in real time where they are needed: on site.

VISION.5G will demonstrate possibilities of digital communications on the 5G campus of the partner FIT in order to be able to work more productively, safely and sustainably. Collaborative working based on shared data platforms to the use of MR technologies offer a holistic solution approach. This requires the development and rapid implementation of forward-looking concepts based on high-performance networks and innovative visualisation options.

Only with the use of 5G will complex digital models be available on site in high quality and enable a consistent, digital and sustainable workflow for the construction industry 4.0. Not only planners, executing companies and building owners will benefit from this. The dialogue with politics and the public will also be simplified and objectified. Approval authorities will receive a tool to assess complex construction projects more quickly and reliably.

The consortium sees the use of 5G as the consistent further development of its core business and research focus and thus an important and necessary step in the digitalisation of the construction industry.

Learn more on the VISION 5G project website and in the following video. In the video you can see first impressions of the current development status – also included is a view of Fraunhofer’s future new building in Sankt Augustin.