VR and AR become more influencing in various fields so that Mixed Reality technologies are generally more distributed and used in a wide scope of applications. Typically, these technologies are implemented in different fields independently from each other. Our approach with MARTA is based in close cooperation between research, entrepreneurship and art during all phases of development, leading to “Spill-Over” effects and realization of jointly used production environments. The goal of MARTA is the utilization of Mixed Reality technologies for application of artistic and creative content in public spaces. By developing tools and production environments, artists, technicians and experts can cooperate to create content that can be displayed and commercialized.

To demonstrate the potential and open-minded approach, as can be often be seen in artistic and creative work, three Best Practice examples will be implemented:

Meta² + UNREAL

Meta² + UNREAL focuses on multi-user and multi-modal experiences which support artists in implementing their visions. It is based in META conference that was conducted successfully in 2017 by the NRW-Forum and the UNREAL exhibition, both of which are also planned in the framework of MARTA project.

Digital Urban Experience

Digital Urban Experience deals with creation of moving images presented on kinetic displays and by means of projection mapping on buildings and people. The visualizations are interactive and can be used on multiple screens in the public and private context. In cooperation with artists, two larger installations will be installed In-doors on public events and outdoors in public space.

Augmented Human Society

Augmented Human Society is revolved around the digital extensions and the newly evolving augmented humans as their result. The prevailing themes throughout the project development are the dualities real-virtual, local-global, online-offline as well as the utopian/dystopian reflections on the future of public space.

The implementation of the three Best-Practice examples will include a variety of Mixed Reality technologies with an open mind for ideas and concepts that are unique and new in this field of work. 

Cooperation of partners

The tools and technology for the project are being developed by Mixed Reality experts from HSD, LAVAlabs and tennagels in an iterative and interdisciplinary process. The NRW-Forum provides the artistic input by utilizing its connections to a network of artists. All involved partners have experience in the interdisciplinary cooperation in creative projects based on preceding works.

HSD brings into MARTA the expertise in mixed reality, real time 3D applications and interdisciplinary cooperation. The combination of real and virtual content with use of the most recent available technologies is supported by the conducted R&D for the creation of innovative, state of the art applications. 

LAVAlabs offers the Know-how for visualizations of digital content in film and media. Their creative input during project development involves the creation of concepts, 3D models and animations, which fits well into the artistic context of MARTA and will be used to provide VR-content and immersive storytelling.

NRW-Forum is an international exhibition center featuring photography, pop and digital culture. They place a special emphasis on knowledge transfer, cultural education and active participation, particularly in the areas of media literacy and technological understanding. Their extensive network of artists supplies MARTA with artistic and interdisciplinary input while new exhibition formats will be developed for presentation of the results achieved throughout the project.

tennagels medientechnik develops and produces light installations, LED-products and kinetic solutions for exhibitions or permanent use. One of their main focuses is the development of interactive and individual media installations in public space, which will provide MARTA with the necessary Know-how and tools required to bring the project into the open.