Since the number of research projects we have worked on in the past and are currently working on is ever-growing, we want to develop a versatile and high-quality presentation tool based on new technologies. The Innovation Suitcase will be especially useful due to its mobility that enables us to present our projects everywhere, for instance at exhibitions. Another key feature will be the various kinds of media available to do the several projects justice.

When the suitcase is opened, at least two displays inside will show informative video material. One of them will be a multifunctional tablet that can be taken out and utilized to present augmented-reality (AR) applications. This way, when the user looks “through” the display, he or she will still see the suitcase, but with virtual additions to it. Moreover, the suitcase will also include the “VR presenter”, a tool that uses VR glasses to enable users to experience our projects in virtual reality.

Contact: Mitja Säger