Congratulations to our team members Philipp Ladwig and Marcel Tiator on the successful submission of their full papers to the IEEE conference “Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality”!

Marcel Tiator works in cooperation with the University Hospital Düsseldorf and devotes himself to enabling interactive inspection of the intensive care unit in virtual reality. This allows patients, for example, to familiarize themselves with the environment prior to a hospital stay. For this purpose, the environment is digitized using 3D scanning processes (LIDAR, photogrammetry) and is previously segmented in a complex manner.

Philipp Ladwig and Alexander Pech improved Tiator’s idea of ​​using neural networks to reconstruct a user’s facial expression in real time under a head-mounted display. Their article describes a new and inexpensive solution for reconstructing facial expressions authentically by means of virtual reality glasses.

The work is supported by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) as part of the projects HIVE and iKPT40.