Yugen Performance

Under the title YUGEN (Japanese = secret and depth), Christine Bonansea & Chris Ziegler explored the friction of digital technologies and intense physicalness on stage. As part of TEMPS D’IMAGES, they provided a glimpse into this exciting work process. Bonansea & Ziegler experimented with a motion capture suit and developed a pas de deux between a human dancer and a VR avatar within a feedback loop. This looping transmission process becomes interrupted and altered to find, again or anew, the physical and individual quality of human expression in the mirror of its artificiality. 
The music/sound for the piece was conceptualized and performed by Hugo Paquete.
Yugen Probe

The three-year project Movement, Digital Intelligence and Interactive Audience (MODINA) unites three academic institutions and five dance houses in six European countries. It aims to expand the creative possibilities for contemporary dance performances and to improve the audience experience through the use of digital technology – with a focus on artificial intelligence (AI) research and the interaction with the audience, both on-site as well as online. 


MODINA is co-financed by the Creative Europe program of the European Union.

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