The installation focuses on the dialogue between human beings and technology and on the question how movement can be transformed in different bodies by means of interaction, approaching and coincidence. In a 30-minute performance, the dancers interact with the spheres through their movement and positioning. During this time, the spheres and the performers debate with each other and develop a shared form of communication and interaction. For the performers, the artist designed distinctive movement sequences, which she calls ‘poses’.  These are inspired by several native calibration gestures. Movement, interaction, and communication of the spheres are based on different swarm principles that were implemented by means of several algorithms and various sensors. This results in a graphic and explorative study on movement, communication, and agency.

Physical touching, interacting, and communicating are interdisciplinary research topics. Against this background, digitization and robotics offer an enhancement of our own perception but also the possibility to reflect on our own actions. Therefore, project ‘Spheres‘ aims at artistically exploring the symbiotic interaction between dancers and robotic agents. Instead of robots that imitate human movements or vice versa, the artist poses the question whether robots also possess their own agency on the stage.

The planned artistic performance aims at using interdisciplinary research questions concerning agency, multimodal interaction, and the dialogue between humans and technology to create a performative experience. It is designed to encourage visitors to discuss the topic of communicating with intelligent objects that are able to act. For this purpose, several research questions focusing on art and technology are considered, such as :

Do robots have an own agency on the stage, and how can their abilities and those of the human performers be used equally?

In what way does this influence our perception of the dancers and the whole event?

Associations and experiences of the performance are choreographed openly, and it will be possible to experience them in an experimental way. The performance aims at creating an enhanced perception in communicating and interacting with the others but also with the own body. Additionally, there is the aspect of a critical but also open interaction with the intelligent object. Here, virtuality and physical reality are connected during the performance.

The project was developed in cooperation with MIREVI (HSD) and the media technology company tennagels as well as with many other sponsors. It will premiere from November 5th to 8th of 2020 as an installative performance at the Festspielhaus Hellerau in Dresden. From February to June of 2021, it will be performed at the NRW Forum Düsseldorf.