The photogrammetry software RealityCapture can now determine the position of each camera and allocates each photograph to its correct position. That way, we can create a polygon mesh, on which the pictures are placed in their accurate locations. Next, we can generate a 3D model and move through the virtual room as if we were there. By means of the software Houdini, ZBrush and Autodesk Maya, we can do the post-processing.

As a result of the high resolution, the created model looks very realistic – even words and numbers can be read. A mere modeling with such an elevated level of detail would be hardly possible or at least require a substantial effort. Moreover, the technology offers various possibilities. It can enable us, for example, to generate a 3D model of an artist’s delicate death mask so that people can take a closer look at it. Photogrammetry may also enable us to take a virtual walk in inaccessible or even dangerous locations, such as Chernobyl, without the need to be on site.


This project is sponsored by: German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) under the project number 16SV8182 and 13FH022IX6. Project names: HIVE-Lab and Interactive body-near production technology 4.0 (German: Interaktive körpernahe Produktionstechnik 4.0 (iKPT4.0)).


Alexander Giesbrecht