Under the name AckerEleven, events are held at irregular intervals by the organisations based there. For the Night of Museums on 27 April, the MIREVI team organised a Mixed Reality Art Lounge with LAVAlabs and the MIREVI team showed a series of mixed reality installations from ongoing projects in the LAVAlabs event hall. Virtual avatars from the AR dance piece kin_ by Charlotte Triebus, which can otherwise only be seen on a mobile device, were projected life-size into a room. Visitors were able to experience the VR piece Oneironautika II by Laurenz Ulrich, MIREVI and Charlotte Triebus, which had just premiered at the Theater an der Ruhr in Mühlheim, in an installation with a height-adjustable VR viewer. Numerous video documentations of mixed reality art projects by the MIREVI team and the company LAVAlabs were presented on a large LED screen, which visitors were able to control themselves with their smartphones.

Patrick Kruse, responsible for the organisation of the event, was very pleased with the MIREVI team’s first participation in the Night of Science: ‘Our team has given its all, especially in the last two weeks, to make the event a success. And the many visitors confirm that the effort was worth it.’. Christian Geiger, head of the team, adds: ‘This also shows that our mix of mixed reality installations and our danceable techno fractal show was the right mix for the mainly young audience’.

The highlight of the Mixed Reality Art Lounge was a particular crowd-puller. The Mirevi team presented real-time visualisations of three-dimensional fractal worlds on a large 4K LED wall, which is used in everyday life for virtual productions by LAVALabs. The work was accompanied by tech house music from the DJ collective ‘Brot mit Dip’, featuring Marvin Voß, Jannik Leenen, Hakan Dilaver and Sebastian Joppien. The aesthetic representation of mathematical structures ran in harmony with the live mixed techno sounds and was brought to life with various light and digital effects by Mitja Säger. The result was an audio-visual experience of particular intensity, which was enthusiastically marvelled at and danced to late into the night.

Everyone involved agreed that next year, they want to inspire visitors to the Night of the Museums with new XR experiences in the Mixed Reality Art Lounge.