Nacht der Museen

Experience a night of art under the moonlight at the Night of the Museums in Düsseldorf. Get ready for an evening filled with inspiration, surprises, and rare opportunities as dusk sets in and the journey into the world of arts and cultures begins. Explore over 50 different locations, including museums, galleries, OFF-Spaces, and studios, each offering countless exhibitions, performances, interactive exhibits, and unique spaces to discover.

Step inside and outside as the doors open to welcome you to a diverse array of regional and international artists. Marvel at the exhibits, contemplate, feel, taste, encounter, listen, participate, and dance your way through the night.

One highlight of the event is the Mixed Reality Art Lounge hosted by MIREVI (HSD) & LAVALABS (CGI/VFX). Embark on a journey through innovative art forms and creative technologies in this immersive space. Witness a captivating avatar dance performance that blurs the line between reality and virtuality. A live DJ will generate music that brings immersive fractal 3D worlds to life on a large LED wall. Step into a VR installation and experience lucid dreams in a theater setting. The Mixed Reality Art Lounge redefines the way digital art is experienced, engaging all your senses. Enjoy a refreshing drink and engaging conversations with artists, media professionals, and fellow visitors in this unique atmosphere.

Join us for a night of artistic exploration and discovery at the Night of the Museums in Düsseldorf. Don’t miss this opportunity to immerse yourself in creativity, technology, and culture like never before. See you there!

Interactive images, video gallery showcasing media projects, VR exhibition

Continuous mixed-reality applications for viewing and experimentation

“Oneironautica II” and “kin_/kin:proxy” as VR and AR installations featuring digital 3D avatars

DJ/VJ with interactive 3D fractal visualization

Street Food by Bulle Burger & Bar

Ackerstraße 11
27. APRIL 2024
19 – 2 UHR