Innovative sensor technology has created innovative technological interfaces that are accessible to a large group of people.

This "democratization of technology" allows interaction with the whole body and is gaining in importance in many habitats. With this broad availability, application fields in art, culture, technology and science are faced with the challenge of utilizing these technologies profitably and innovatively in creative projects. Creativity means [often] the transformation between disjoint contexts. Therefore, looking beyond the box of one's own expertise is a decisive factor in the innovative capacity of a cultural or economic organization.

The development of sustainable creative solutions is possible through transdisciplinary cooperation between the partners on equal terms and within a common structure that supports bidirectional interventions in the creative process. The continuous exchange between art / culture, technology and science is a key factor for success in such undertakings. MOCCA is our solution for the sustainable establishment of transdisciplinary projects around the topic of motion-based user interfaces in the fields of dance art, medical technology, film production and human-technology interaction.

Motion-Based User Expression2

To ensure a quick start to the project, it was decided to develop an existing project for the first subproject. The choice fell on "CARUSO - Virtual Tenor", a performance system that uses body gestures and face tracking to synthesize vocals. This installation provided both access to motion and sound generation aspects, and opened up opportunities for visual enhancement. In addition, a first, simple audience participation was implemented.

The complete system was presented on 09.11.2017 at the opening of the Next Level Festival in the NRW Forum in Düsseldorf as a central show act. The response of the audience was consistently positive. The system has already been booked for further performances in 2018 and the development of this will continue in parallel as the project progresses.

Mixed Media Motion

Where does it hurt? Which therapy and which medication does the patient or dancer need? Choy Ka Fai, media artist and self-proclaimed dance doctor, invites choreographers to his dance clinic. Each performance is an individual consultation that uses "Ember Jello", an artificial intelligence prototype developed by Choy Ka Fai, to provide artists with an analysis of their individual choreographic work, including symptom analysis, vulnerability check, treatment plan and optimization tips. With ironic references to the common fascination with technology, Choy Ka Fai staged a virtuoso and entertaining performance that sheds light on the relationship between choreography and science as well as technological and creative processes.

Already in January 2017, the former scholarship holder at the Berlin Künstlerhaus Bethanien showed first results of his research at the interface of dance and neurological processes at the TEMPS D'IMAGES festival in the tanzhaus nrw.

Choy Ka Fai is both an artist and a performance creator. His inspiration is based on historical foundations and theoretical approaches that deal with the uncertainty of the future. His research stems from a desire to understand the conditioning of the human body, and to fathom the unchanging memories and other influences that influence a person's expression. These factors combine to create complex articulations at the interface between art, design and technology. The performances took place on 29.06., 30.06. and 01.07.2017 at the tanzhaus NRW. In addition, the Dance Clinic hosted a new version in the fall at the Singapore Arts Festival.