INL (Immersive News Lounge) is a joint R&D project by Wirtschaftswoche/Handelsblatt, HS Düsseldorf, and LAVAlabs and is partly funded by Google DNI (Digital News Initiative). This program aims at partnerships between Google and European publishing companies with the goal to innovate journalism. The purpose of the INL project is the creation of VR experiences as part of a special service called WiWo Immersive News Lounge (INL). We want to bring journalism into Virtual Reality to enhance the user experience when “consuming” news and information in general.

Handelsblatt Media Group:

The Handelsblatt Mediengruppe is the leading media house for economic and financial information in Germany. It is based in Düsseldorf and stands for sound, independent quality journalism and informs more than two million readers every day with decision-making media such as Handelsblatt and Wirtschaftswoche.


LAVAlabs has an extensive background in digital media and visual effects production and creative conception using 3D technology. The team contributes by creating professional digital content for the INL.

WiWo Immersive News Lounge will provide a unique way to experience news and other information in a Virtual Reality Subscribers’ Club. The magazine of today becomes an immersive meeting place: people from all over the world may interact in our virtual media lounge and can virtually experience events, learn about new technologies and analyze data-related problems. The WiWo Immersive News Lounge allows subscribers worldwide to experience, discuss and present information that matters. Readers will immerse themselves in 3D worlds and 360-degree videos and they will even be able to produce their own content. Today, we read stories – tomorrow, we will be a part of them.


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