We are interested in any digital media topic if it significantly helps the user, creates something really innovative, is great fun to work on or provides us with a little budget (strictly in that order!). As a team of digital media experts, computer scientists, designers and artists we believe in the power of joint creativity and intrinsic motivation because we love working together on R&D projects, commercial topics or artistic digital expressions in our special environment at the innovation hub. Our research and development activities include

  • Digital Creative Health: We work on R&D projects that exploit digital media technology to support socio-technical systems that provide a healthy living. Projects include innovative solutions for people with cognitive impairments, rehabilitation or communication between patients, medical experts and family members like insideDEM, Therapy Assist and NutzerWelten.
  • Mixed Reality User Experience: We want to create empathic user interfaces using immersive technologies and combine digital content with physical computing technologies. Tangible and embodied user experience is another area of interest and we study helpful body-near technologies and collaborative activities in working environments like in iKPT40 or immersive journalism like in the Digital News Initiative project, DNI. A focus is multimodal interaction adressing all senses and the application of physical proxies for a better user experience in virtual reality.
  • Creative Engineering: Today, digital technology is available at low cost. With this presence and a significant increase of data and information, we also have less understanding what to do with these possibilities and how to do it. Creative Engineering looks at new ways to adapt and combine existing technologies as soon as they are available as prototypes, pre-orders or functional mock-ups. We are also interested in new ways of working together and how to create innovative solutions for user's problems with respect to technical limitations and non-technical constraints. See WICKIE and UP2.
  • Digital Innovation in Art, Technology and Business: As part of our creative engineering process we are particular interested in synergies between art, science and economics. Interdisciplinary projects with internal and external partners are executed in the ARTEC studio. In our Motion Capturing Creative Area (MOCCA) we work with dancers and artist as part of the MOCCA project. Mixed Reality as a way to support artistic expressions, e. g. musical interfaces. In general, we are interested in audience participation and bringing art and technology to open space.
  • Cognitive Computing in Digital Media: With the increasing hype on AI-based technologies and requests from many cooperation partners and students we decided to go back to our roots on smart user interfaces and knowledge-based system design. Cognitive Computing in digital media has many potential and we look at ways to create empathic user interfaces and smart tools to create innovative media expressions. We focus on smart techniques for motion-based interfaces, DeepX-techniques and other biological inspired approaches. With a focus on information visualization we also consider Data Science techniques in general when appropriate.