MireviMotionHub is a middleware for multiple body tracking systems and it unifies them in a single plug-in for the Unity game engine.

In our daily use of different body tracking systems, we experienced that a switch from one system to another during app development (in Unity or Unreal) inevitably involves several problems. For example, the plug-in of the game engine needs to be changed, the used skeleton must be adjusted in the engine (because almost all tracking systems have different animation skeleton implemented) and software dependencies such as SDKs and drivers need to be installed.

The software suite MireviMotionHub (MMH) offers support for several body tracking systems and encompasses a game engine plug-in that connects the MMH with Unity by means of a standardized protocol. The plug-in allows for the usage of a single type of skeleton for any body tracking system and, therefore, facilitates the switch between different tracking systems during app development significantly. 

Beyond that, MMH is capable of merging different tracking systems into one in order to combine and use their individual benefits. 

The code and app will be released on April 20. Stay tuned!

Contact: Philipp Ladwig & Laurin Gerhardt