MireviMotionHub is a middleware for multiple body tracking systems and unifies them in one plugin for Unity game engine.

We have had the problem in daily use of body tracking system that a switch to another tracking system during development of an app (in Unity or Unreal) inherently brings along several problems. Problems are for example: The plugin of the game engine must be changed; the used skeleton must be adjusted in the engine (because almost every tracking systems have implemented another animation skeleton); software dependencies such as SDK and drivers must be installed.

MireviMotionHub (MMH) is a software suit which offers the support for several body tracking systems and encompass a game engine plugin that connects the MMH with Unity with the aid of a standardized protocol. The plugin allows for the usage of one skeleton for every body tracking system and, therefore, makes the switch between different tracking systems during app development much easier than before. 

Beyond that, MMH is capable of merging different tracking systems into one in order to use just only the benefits of each system. 

The code and app will be released on March 20. Stay tuned!