For this project, we collaborated with Simon Pierro who is known as the “iPad magician”. During his performances, he combines the possibilities of digitization with magic tricks. Together we discussed how people might be able to enjoy his magic at home in a more immersive and exciting way than merely watching a video.

To make this possible, we filmed several of his tricks in front of a greenscreen background in the virtual studio of the University of Applied Sciences Düsseldorf (HSD). We used two cameras for this to capture the performance from two different angles: standing and sitting. This was done to ensure that users can watch it in both positions.

The goal of this collaboration was to bring Simon’s magic to our living rooms by means of a tablet with an augmented-reality (AR) functionality. For both Simon and our team, it was interesting to explore the technological possibilities in the context of a magic performance.

Contact: Mitja Säger