In this project, we aimed at finding out whether ”hackathons‟, collaborative events for developing software in a comparatively short amount of time, can be an effective tool for creating innovative prototypes.

To answer this question, we organized three different hackathons with students of the University of Applied Sciences Düsseldorf (HSD), who combined their various skill sets to develop the following three applications:

VR Food: While eating actual food, the user sees something different through the VR glasses, for example a bug instead of chocolate or a moving and talking jelly instead of an ordinary one.
The Cave: The users see LED surfaces that look like a glass front, which they need to defend cooperatively against approaching geometric forms.
Factory VR: a cooperative game in which the players move in a single tracking area of 6 by 6 meters and need to coordinate and complete different tasks.

Each of these hackathons had a duration of 24 hours. Apart from examining several interesting topics, we were also able to gather experience regarding how such an event can be successfully planned and executed.

Contact: Mitja Säger