Being able to teleport people and objects or even entire rooms is a long-cherished dream and has been shown in many science fiction movies. Thanks to innovative technologies, it is now possible to scan rooms and people as well as to digitize and “teleport” them by sending the scans to a remote location.

Our system uses an RGB-D camera and HTC/Valve Lighthouse Tracking to create not only point clouds of people or rooms but also 3D objects in the form of meshes. This information can be sent via the internet and allows other people to virtually enter a room from a distance or to join a conversation as a scanned avatar.

We are currently working on capturing and transmitting color details at a high level to enable people to have authentic telepresence conversations.

Contact: Damian Zohlen & Philipp Ladwig

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This project is sponsored by: German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) under the project number 13FH022IX6. Project name: Interactive body-near production technology 4.0 (German: Interaktive körpernahe Produktionstechnik 4.0 (iKPT4.0))