Yesterday, we formally completed two excellent bachelor projects. Katja Wallner developed and evaluated concept for immersive piano playing using a haptic glove (and including a 3D scan of Tonhalle Düsseldorf). This was joint work with Sabine Falke from Ibach, until 2007 world's oldest piano manufacturer. Jana Borchardt developed a concept and prototype for an augmented reality experience for the Aquazoo Düsseldorf about Hans Hass, the famous Austrian biologist and underwater diving pioneer. Thanks to Lewis Chuang from LMU we were able to use a Magic Leap ONE as augmented reality device. Very happy that both will continue their master studies in Düsseldorf, there are still some more challenges that need to be explored :-) Thanks to Bastian Dewitz and Anastasia Treskunov from our team for the great support and supervision.