A memory training is taking place several times a week – Seniors are meeting each other not just for keeping their memory going, they want to make contacts during training- for this, the “Zentrum Plus” in Benrath is organizing and supporting these offers for seniors. But if people can no longer participate in these offers – for example, because their health does not allow it, the contacts break down. Especially for those living alone, the social network quickly becomes thinner.
At this point the “Thought Bridge” yields in:

(1) Elderly people who are no longer mobile receive a computer with camera and microphone from the Zenrum Plus or if present they even can use their own known one.

(2) They open a webpage and can easily switch into the memory training from home via video. They see the assignment, the trainer and the group and can participate into discussions.

(3) Thus the elderly remain part of the group, even if they are no longer mobile.


Contact: Fabian Mertl, Alina Huldtgren
Technology: Drupal (HTML5, JavaScript, CSS), webRTC, docker
Cooperation Partners: Zentrum Plus Benrath
Photos: Diakonie Düsseldorf & HSD Düsseldorf