The increasing use of digital media in health care offers opportunities, but at the same time also challenges for residents and staff working in care homes. In this project we developed an easy-to-use tool for caregivers to access, structure, share and present media to people with dementia in single or group sessions. The development was done in cooperation with the dementia care service center of Bielefeld in a user-centred design process grounded in focus groups and field studies.
The final result is an Android Application that is capable of viewing four different media types: Music plus lyrics, texts, videos and pictures plus additional information. Media is arranged in topics and can be either generic and accessible for the public or personalized and restricted to individuals. The design included a dementia-friendly presentation platform and an easy-to-access platform for the caregivers to manage the different media types. The media itself is stored on a tiny local server in the care home, syncing the content between multiple tablet devices and enabling the management of the media via a web-interface.


Alina Huldtgren,  Fabian Mertl (2017) DEMO // ChronoTV: Supporting care assistants’ daily work by providing a management and presentation platform for biographic multi-media content. In Proceedings of DementiaLab 2017

ChronoTV 2016

Contact: Alina Huldtgren, Fabian Mertl
Technology: Android, HTML, JavaScript, docker
Cooperation Partners: AWO Bielefeld / Demenz-Servicecenter Ostwestfalen-Lippe
Photos: HSD Düsseldorf, Wolfgang Rudolf (6)